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About Thermal Design


About Thermal Design
Thermal Design manufactures roof and wall insulation systems marketed under the well-known trade name of Simple Saver System. These patented insulation systems are used for new and existing commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. The systems are revolutionary products that meet the energy codes for "in-place" R-values and retain these values beyond installation.

The installed Simple Saver's insulation fills the cavity uncompressed, attaining the specified R-values and increasing the thermal efficiency of metal buildings by as much as 300%.

Thermal Design's goal is to educate and inform builders, contractors and metal building manufacturers of obsolete installation methods and point the way to a more efficient, more beneficial means of conserving energy in metal buildings. Competing insulation suppliers consistently promote the "over-the-purlin" and other means of installation which compress insulation, but with that method the installed performance is no longer equal to that specified or expected by the building owner. By educating the metal building industry about the practices and performance of other insulation methods, we hope that builders, contractors, architects and owners will demand the quality insulation systems they specified or purchased. If the industry is aware of and reacting to these practices, we will increase the efficiency of metal buildings and save thousands of dollars in wasted energy costs each year.

Thermal Design currently has 32 employees working in two separate locations: the manufacturing plant and administrative offices in Madison, Neb., and the corporate office in Stoughton, Wis. There are also several salespeople employed that are located throughout the United States.