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The Simple Saver System places the insulation in the purlin cavity with single- or double-layers.
The Simple Saver insulation/finishing system with fall protection is manufactured and marketed by Thermal Design. The Simple Saver System liner is installed below the purlins to utilize the entire cavity in the placement of high R-value insulation. The vapor barrier fabric and strapping system used in the Simple Saver System is reinforced to qualify as an OSHA Compliant means of "through" fall protection.

One of the inherent structural differences between the Simple Saver System and other systems is the treatment of the insulation. The Simple Saver System uses an unfaced insulation in the form of batts, blankets, or blown-in insulation. The theory behind this is that a much stronger, more efficient, separate vapor barrier may be used.

The space created between the purlins allows for very thick, uncompressed insulation to be used, increasing R-values and thus efficiency.
The vapor barrier is installed separately, allowing the insulation to be placed in the cavity between the purlins, but not covering (or over) the purlins, as occurs in many systems. The uncompressed insulation in the Simple Saver System retains its full R-value, and the building is protected from the elements and is much more efficient to heat/cool.

Used to seal the vapor barrier to the structural components, the sealant used most often with the Simple Saver System is a synthetic rubber adhesive that brushes directly onto the metal. Another sealant offered for use with the Simple Saver System is Syseal® Sticky Tape. This pressure-sensitive, double-sided adhesive is attached to a paper backing on two sides. The strong, gel-like tape is dispensed easily and cleanly

This eave view of the Simple Saver System shows the additional strapping along the eave for greater reinforcement.
from rolls. The paper peels off to place the tape directly onto rough surfaces where it will hold tightly and remain in place. See installation instructions for proper use.

Tek 2 screws are used with the Simple Saver System and painted to match the specified color for light gauge steel. Tek 4 screws are used for heavier gauge steel. The self drilling fasteners support the steel straps on the purlins. They are available for wood, concrete, and other surfaces where necessary.