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Thermal Performance Guarantee: Thermal Design, Inc. will guarantee to the building owner/user that the thermal performance of a Simple Saver System roof assembly, spaced nominally 5’, will perform at the average purchased insulation level, plus or minus 10%, when properly installed at the prescribed thickness and sealed against air and water vapor infiltration. Thermal Design shall, at its option, correct any deficiencies of thermal performance or credit to the owner/user the percentage of the insulation material cost equal to the percentage of any deficiency if a valid claim is filed within one year after delivery.

Ten-Year Limited Material Warranty: The Simple Saver System is warranted against manufacturing defects in materials that are provided by Thermal Design that may become evident within ten years after delivery. This warranty is specifically limited to providing materials for replacement of specific areas affected and only to the extent that the defect is adversely affecting performance, and does not include any expense to remove or install materials, site workmanship or damages that may be caused by defective materials, installation, damage to materials caused by others, abuse and misuse of the product, or design. The warranty is pro-rated (e.g. 100% of the material replacement cost during the first year, 90% during the second year, 80% during the third year, etc.). Labor is typically covered by contractor's warranty for at least one year after installation completion. Thermal Design shall make the final decision as to the validity and extent of any defect claim. Valid claims will be limited to the pro-rated value of the purchased materials cost or the cost value thereof, as determined by Thermal Design. Any claims should be submitted in writing by US Mail to Thermal Design, Inc., P.O. Box 468, Madison, NE, 68748. There are no other expressed or implied warranties that extend beyond these limitations and these are a condition of the sale of these goods. The company shall not be held responsible for consequential, liquidated or other damages under any theory of law.

Notices: All customers will be charged Nebraska sales tax on all products unless sales and use tax certificates are provided. Point of sale and venue for all claims shall be Madison County, Nebraska. Any material not specifically included on a quotation is excluded although additional materials may be provided solely at the discretion of Thermal Design.

Unauthorized making, using or selling of this patented technology or trademarks or service marks shall be each subject to a minimum royalty of ten dollars per square foot of surface insulated from such unauthorized acts. Sellers of any component with the knowledge or intent that such component is to be used to evade the purchase of legitimate materials from authorized sources shall be held liable as contributory infringes and otherwise as lawful. All costs of collection, including legal fees and costs, shall be sought as damages for unauthorized infringement.

The EnergyCraft units are factory run tested. Minor adjustment may have to be made on site. Installation of these appliances and framing kits normally do not require a license. Installation of gas piping and electric power to the appliance receptacles should be done by a qualified licensed installer. See Goodman manufacturing warranty documents for limitations and exclusions pertaining to the HVAC products. All sales are subject to the limitations and conditions set forth in those documents as well as the contract of sale.
Simple Saver System is not designed or intended to be walked or stood upon. Any such use will void the fall protection certification. The fall protection feature is strictly for accidental falls while insulating and roofing.

To obtain a project fall protection certificate, all system materials must be purchased from an authorized distributor of Thermal Design, Inc. The erectors/installers will be required to thoroughly read the installation instructions and sign the form provided that they have read, understood and agree to install the Simple Saver System in accordance with the instructions. A copy of the signed form must be received by Thermal Design, Inc. along with a current erector/installer insurance certificate listing Thermal Design a certificate holder and show required coverages of liability, property damage and worker’s compensation coverage for the project. The primary limits of the insurance coverage shall be those already provided by the erector/installer to cover their workers and liability. The secondary limits shall be that liability coverage carried by Thermal Design.

Safety lines along the rafters and a safety harness with shock absorbing lanyards must be used while installing the Simple Saver liner system for topside workers. A safety harness with lanyard in combination with a suitable lift must be used by bottom-side workers when installing the Simple Saver liner system. Once the Simple Saver System liner is properly installed in the affected building roof area, the through fall protection certificate will become effective for topside workers for subsequent insulation and roof sheeting work.

The Simple Saver liner system must be completely installed in each affected building area prior to reliance on the system as an alternative means of fall protection for that area. Only one installation of the Simple Saver Systems materials will be allowed per certificate. A copy of the installation instructions and the “Certificate of Alternative Fall Protection” signed by the erector/installer must be prominently posted at the job site as notice to all contractors, workers and inspectors. Perimeter protection must be provided by guard-rail or other effective system per OSHA regulations.