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Automated Installation


AutoCeil features an automated ceiling and wall installation process for metal buildings which provides a tensioned support system for uncompressed insulation, allowing designers and installers to safely, quickly and economically achieve any desired thermal performance. Our new patented methods use struts to support the seamless insulation system from the under side and for rafter bracing. AutoCeil completely eliminates banding, strapping, bottom side fasteners and seams throughout entire building bays.



Automated Installation

From the floor level, installers operate secured winches to pull the ceiling sheet up one wall, across the ceiling and down the other wall. The AutoCeil sheet is positioned, tensioned and secured. The system requires ceiling support struts to transfer the rafter brace loads from the purlins to the struts and allows a clear, unobstructed path for the AutoCeil sheet material to be mechanically pulled throughout the bay. A single AutoCeil sheet is custom fabricated to fit rafter to rafter and span across up to 200 feet of the metal building width and height down to the floor. Wider spans require a splice.


Thermal Performance

Achieve any desired thermal performance quickly, safely and inexpensively by creating the desired depth for full thickness thermal insulation. A variety of insulation thickness combinations are available to reach desired thermal performance. Multiple layer insulation blankets are common, however fiberglass blowing wool can also be used.

AutoCeil Ceiling and Wall Insulation System Graphic

NoBS™ Technology

AutoCeil encompasses No Bottom Side Technology which eliminates the tasks normally involved with other types of installation of metal building insulation. NoBS Technology will save time, money and labor for the installer while maintaining the integrity of the vapor retarder.

  • No Bottom Side Banding
  • No Bottom Side Ceiling Fasteners
  • No Rafter Brace Penetrations
  • No Stand-off Roof Clips Required
  • No Roof Spacer Blocks Required




  • Automated Ceiling Installation
  • Significant Labor & Equipment Savings
  • Increased Construction Speed
  • Highest Thermal Performance
  • Conceals All Purlins and Girts
  • Vapor and Air Barrier Material
  • Light Reflective Interior
  • Easy Attachment for Trades

Installation Overview

AutoCeil Sheet is positioned on the floor with pull system attached and is mechanically lifted up to the ceiling plane using AutoCeil Winch System.

AutoCeil Sheet is fabricated to width and length of building bay and pulled throughout the ceiling above support struts and free of obstructions.

From the floor, installer operates the AutoCeil Winch System and pulls the AutoCeil Sheet up the wall, over the ceiling and down the opposite wall. Sheet is tensioned, secured and ready for insulation and roof sheets.


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