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System Overview


The easiest way to dispense R-values from the topside!

A superior method of insulation for low R-values and installing a quality, wide vapor retarder fabric
with metal roof and wall panels. It's easy, fast, attractive and performs better than laminated metal
building insulation with stapled retaped field seams. 

Dispense-r™ Should not be considered a high r-value insulation system; 
For superior installed performance, use the Simple Saver System.

  • Faster than installing laminated insulation with stapled or taped tabs. Saves on-site labor.
  • Smoother in appearance than laminated insulation.
  • Vapor retarder membrane is much stronger than typical laminated insulation and resists damage.
  • Wide vapor retarder material eliminates multiple stapled and taped field seams, resulting in superior vapor retardance.
  • Fresher insulation results in superior recovery and higher installed insulation values.
  • Insulation joints fit tightly together eliminating gaps common with laminated joints.
  • No lamination allows for fast insulation delivery.
  • Washable surface keeps interior bright and clean.
  • Standard insulation roll sizes which eliminate waste.
  • Installs from the finished roof within easy reach of roofers, increasing safety and productivity.

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