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Renewable Energy

EnergyCraft Renewable Energy Systems go beyond efficiency, producing clean electricity on-site.

Every hour enough of the sun’s energy reaches our planet to meet our global energy needs for an entire year. Converting this vast resource into energy we can use is where Energycraft shines. Our solar and wind electric systems are designed to lower operating costs, increase energy independence, and reduce the environmental impact of even the most efficient buildings.

Energycraft renewable energy systems provide an alternative to simply cutting a big check every month to the utility company. We specialize in grid-interactive solar and wind electric systems, which produce grid quality power for your facility. These systems are integrated seamlessly into the building’s electrical service, which means no batteries are needed.

Partnering with architects, contractors, or building owners, we will analyze the site’s renewable energy potential,
identify available incentives, and layout the best clean energy options for the project.


How it works:


  • When the sunlight hits the solar array, the high-efficiency crystalline-silicon PV modules produce DC current, which flows to the inverter.

  • The inverter then converts the DC power to AC. Similarly, wind energy systems use inverters to convert energy from their specialized control systems to usable AC electricity.

  • The renewable energy being produced directly feeds into the service/breaker panel at the building.

  • The energy is first used onsite by any electrical loads connected, such as lighting, computers, air conditioning, machinery, etc. Any excess energy flows outward through the meter, effectively turning your meter backward.


When the system is not producing enough energy to power the loads, power is automatically pulled from the utility grid. Grid-interactive inverters allow owners to essentially use the electric grid as storage.

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